A Scratcher and A Lounge For Your Lovely Cat


A Scratcher and A Lounge For Your Lovely Cat😻

YOUR PETS WILL LOVE IT - Our cat scratcher bed is made of 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard, which will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your cat. Besides, with textured scratching surface, it offers a right place to satisfy your cat's natural scratching needs.


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🔹Ideal scratching bed for homes with some felines

🔹Satisfy your cat’s natural scratching instincts

🔹Help to protect your furniture from claw damage

GIF Circle bed
GIF Circlebed
🔹Collapsible scratcher bed

🔹Easily assembled and folded

🔹Made of durable corrugated cardboard

🔹Made from eco-friendly SAFE, non-toxic materials
GIF circlebed
🔹Include 100% organic catnip

🔹Can transform into different unique & attractive shapes

🔹Designed especially FOR CATS to sharpen their claws


External Diameter


50cm/20" 6cm*13cm / 2.5"*5"

To help attract your cat even more to the scratcher, simply sprinkle catnip onto the scratcher and your cat will not be able to resist.

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