Introducing The Round Cat Scratch Toy


Round Cat Scratch Toy with Mouse Hanging Toy

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It is a very comfortable to play and perch, which is the favorite toy for your cats, especially with the hanging mousse. And the most important is that we can avoid your furniture to be scratched by your cats.

🔹The rolling toy will have your kitty going in circles
🔹An interactive toy that holds every kitty’s attention  
🔹Hanging mouse attracts and lures kitty to play
🔹Stimulates cat instincts to keep them mentally active

🔹SATISFY your cat's need for playtime and fun time

GIF scratch

🔹Made of pure natural linen providing a good protection of your floor
🔹It is covered with a high-grade plush cloth
🔹With its circular-shaped base, it provides reliable stability
🔹Made with high-quality sisal

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🔹DURABLE materials will last for YEARS
🔹Made from SAFE, non-toxic materials  

🔹Material: Density Board + Sisal + Paper Tube + Plush

W 22cm 8.66inch
H 24cm


Package Includes:
1*Scratch Toy

*Please allow 10-15 business days for the item to arrive

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